7/13 Scrimmage Scores

New York Shock Exchange White: 52
New York Shock Exchange Black: 60

Meet the Shock Exchange: Angelo Death

Name : Angelo Death
Number : 138
Height : 6'2" in stocking feet
Weight : 240lbs of heavy metal
Bio : Having taken sabbatical from the Reaping
business to work at an investment banking firm,
Angelo decided on something a little more relaxing:
Roller Derby! Memento Mori, Jammers!

Meet the Shock Exchange: Teddy Bruisevelt

name: Teddy Bruisevelt
number: 245
weight: 155
height: 5'9

bio: Following in Theodore Roosevelt's footsteps, the youngest president in US history. Teddy Bruisevelt is the youngest member of the New York Shock Exchange at 19 years old!

7/13 NJDD Bout Scrimmage Rosters

New York Shock Exchange Black

Darth Invader 4ce (Captain)
Gordon Gecko $$
Jefferee 420
Junk Bond* 007
Mothra* 9ish
MotorPsycho 127
Snausage 15
Teen Wolf* 111
Wyatt Trash 668

New York Shock Exchange White

Angelo Death* 138
Hammock Plantain* 26
Jonathan R (Captain) 6
Patrick Bateman West 81st
PsychoBilly 13
Rinkworm 11
Slopshire Slasher 88
Teddy Bruisevelt* 245
T-stop Tornado 517
Wolfgang Von Stomp 40th

*Making Their Skating Debut!

New Members of the Shock Exchange!

Announcing the newest members of the New York Shock Exchange:

Angelo Death 138

Mothra 9ish

Teddy Bruisevelt 245

Teen Wolf 111

Shock Exchange Returns on Friday, July 13th!

The New York Shock Exchange returns on Friday, July 13th! We will be scrimmaging ourselves between periods of the New Jersey Dirty Dames’ bout, which features the NJDD’s very own Hub City Hellrazors squaring off against the Diamond Demolitia of the Wilmington City Ruff Rollers. It will be held at Kendall Park Roller Rink in Kendall Park, NJ. Doors open at 8pm and the first whistle is at 8:30pm.

Tickets here: www.njdirtydames.com

Tryouts Sunday (7/8)

Rookie Skater Tryouts will be held this Sunday (7/8).
Potential skaters should contact Jonathan R (jonrockey@gmail.com) for details.