Team Photograph 8.09.08

The NY Shock Exchange gesture for absent teammates on August 9th, 2008 after their victory at the Destroy All Jammers doubleheader. (Photo by Eden MyDust)

Standing (Left to Right): Lacey Overalls, Teenwolf, Maulin' Brando, Thugz Bunny, Filthy McNasty, Angelo Death, Patrick Bateman, Rinkworm.

Kneeling (Left to Right): Jonathan R, Darth Invader, MotorPsycho, Flames Cagney

8.15.08 Charity Bout Photographs

Blockers Motorpsycho and Filthy McNastsy close in to trap jammer Jonathan R on 8.15.08. (Photo by Neil Koenigsburg)

Link to photographs from Neil Koenigsburg here:

Guest Referee from the Philly Rollergirls, Miss Trial eyes the track on 8.15.08. (Photo by Neil Koenigsburg)

8.15.08 Charity Bout Scores

NY Shock Exchange Black Bulls - 25

NY Shock Exchange Polar Bears- 32

8.15.08 Charity Bout Rosters

Black Bulls (Black)
Jeferee 420
Jonathan R 6
Maulin Brando 14
Patrick Bateman West 81st (Captain)
Psychobilly 13
T-Stop Tornado 517
Thugz Bunny 1oo1

Polar Bears (White)
Abe Drinkin 4 score & 7
Angelo Death 138
Darth Invader 4ce (Captain)
Filthy McNasty 61
Flames Cagney 1000
Motorpsycho 127
Rinkworm 11

Destroy All Jammers (8.09.08) Photographs

Rinkworm (#11) begins his jam against Dr. Spankenstein of Pioneer Valley at the Destory All Jammers Doubleheader on 8.09.08.(Photo by Patrick Brewser)

Photos by Patrick Brewser here:

Maulin' Brando (#14) eyes his prey at the Destory All Jammers Doubleheader on 8.09.08. (Photo by Patrick Brewser)

8.09.08 Doubleheader Scores

Destroy all Jammers! Doubleheader Scores

Garden State Rollergirls 53
Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 60

Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 46
New York Shock Exchange 69

NYSE Bouting For Charity Next Friday

2nd Annual GSR Charity Bout!

Click here for tickets

GSR and NY Shock Exchange are joining forces to put on 3 mini-bouts to raise money for charity. Each team will represent a charity and proceeds from the bout will be split between the 6 charities:
NY Police Athletic League, Newark Public Library, Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, Willow Tree, and Real House Women's Shelter.

Prebout Party at Hard Grove Cafe in Jersey City. Shuttle bus available from Hard Grove for $10 round trip!! Bus will be leaving Hard Grove around 7:30. You can reserve a seat with your online purchase via Brown Paper Tickets or PayPal $10 to

Shock Exchange vs Dirty Dozen Rematch 8.9

On Saturday, August 9th, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby will host a double header bout featuring the Dirty Dozen playing against the New York Shock Exchange and the Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction taking on the Garden State Rollergirls.
Doors open at 6PM, first whistle at 7PM.
Guys are up first, with 4 alternating periods.
The bout will be held at Fitzpatrick Skating Rink, 575 Maple Street, Holyoke, MA.
Plenty of free parking.

Rollercon 2008

Shock Exchange Skater, MotorPsycho, is attending Rollercon 2008 in Las Vegas and skated in the mixed men's team scrimmage.