Shock Exchange Members Scrimmage at Northwest Knockdown

On Saturday November 15th, Patrick Bateman, T-Stop Tornado and Filthy McNasty played in a black and white scrimmage at the Northwest Knockdown in Portland, Oregon, organized by Cupples Skate of the Rose City Rollers ref crew. It occurred during halftime of the first and fourth bouts of the day and each scrimmage was about fifteen minutes. Abraham Drinkin' bench coached the black team during the first scrimmage. Members of the Harm City Homicide, Puget Sound Outcasts and other men's teams participated as well.

(photos by Tom Igoe)

A set of photos from the scrimmages can be found here.

NY Shock Exchange 10.18.08

The NY Shock Exchange, with managers Teen Wolf and Carmen Monoxide, pose for a team photograph on October 18th, 2008 after their victory over the Connecticut Death Quads.

NY Shock Exchange 10.18.08

Back Row (Left to Right): Filthy McNasty, Wolfgang Von Stomp, PsychoBilly, Darth Invader, Patrick Bateman, Abe Drinkin', Maulin' Brando

Front Row (Left to Right): Teenwolf, Carmen Monoxide, Flames Cagney, Rinkworm, Jonathan R, MotorPyscho

Gotham Girls Roller Derby Wins National Championship!

The Shock Exchange congratulates Gotham Girls Roller Derby for winning the 2008 Women's Flat Track Derby Association National Championship!

The Northwest Knockdown National Championship Tournament was held in Portland, OR this past weekend. For winning, Gotham received the newly named "Hydra" trophy, which was named after founding Texas Rollergirl, Hydra.

Shock Exchange Vs CT Death Quads - Scores

10/18/08 Derby Night of the Living Dead
Men's Bout Scores

CT Death Quads 13
NY Shock Exchange 193

Shock Exchange Vs CT Death Quads - Oct. 18th

The Shock Exchange is proud to announce its final bout of the 2008 season:

Derby Night of the Living Dead Doubleheader

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Derby Night of the Living Dead DOUBLE HEADER!

Boardwalk Brawlers vs. Morristown Madams

New York Shock Exchange vs. CT Death Quads

Held @ Spontaneous Sports

6622 Black Horse Pike

Egg Harbor Twp., NJ 08234 » Directions

Doors @ 6pm / Whistle @ 7pm

Admission: $10 in advance / $12 at the door!

Purchase tickets here:

Manifest Destiny Plays at Governor's Cup

The Manifest Destiny Roller Derby Team, conceived and captained by Rinkworm, debuted this past Sunday (9/21) at the Governor's Cup State Roller Derby Championship in Dallas, TX.

Manifest Destiny played the home town Dallas Deception in a pre-tournament game. The final score was:

Manifest Destiny 89
Dallas Deception 72

Photos of the game are online:

Join the Shock Exchange!

The Shock Exchange enjoys a good laugh after their scrimmage at the Garden State Rollergirls Charity Bout on 8.15.08. (Photo by Neil Koenigsburg)

The NY Shock Exchange is now training skaters to play roller derby and hosting an open practice this upcoming Sunday (September 7th).

Email Jonathan R for details.

Team Photograph 8.09.08

The NY Shock Exchange gesture for absent teammates on August 9th, 2008 after their victory at the Destroy All Jammers doubleheader. (Photo by Eden MyDust)

Standing (Left to Right): Lacey Overalls, Teenwolf, Maulin' Brando, Thugz Bunny, Filthy McNasty, Angelo Death, Patrick Bateman, Rinkworm.

Kneeling (Left to Right): Jonathan R, Darth Invader, MotorPsycho, Flames Cagney

8.15.08 Charity Bout Photographs

Blockers Motorpsycho and Filthy McNastsy close in to trap jammer Jonathan R on 8.15.08. (Photo by Neil Koenigsburg)

Link to photographs from Neil Koenigsburg here:

Guest Referee from the Philly Rollergirls, Miss Trial eyes the track on 8.15.08. (Photo by Neil Koenigsburg)

8.15.08 Charity Bout Scores

NY Shock Exchange Black Bulls - 25

NY Shock Exchange Polar Bears- 32

8.15.08 Charity Bout Rosters

Black Bulls (Black)
Jeferee 420
Jonathan R 6
Maulin Brando 14
Patrick Bateman West 81st (Captain)
Psychobilly 13
T-Stop Tornado 517
Thugz Bunny 1oo1

Polar Bears (White)
Abe Drinkin 4 score & 7
Angelo Death 138
Darth Invader 4ce (Captain)
Filthy McNasty 61
Flames Cagney 1000
Motorpsycho 127
Rinkworm 11

Destroy All Jammers (8.09.08) Photographs

Rinkworm (#11) begins his jam against Dr. Spankenstein of Pioneer Valley at the Destory All Jammers Doubleheader on 8.09.08.(Photo by Patrick Brewser)

Photos by Patrick Brewser here:

Maulin' Brando (#14) eyes his prey at the Destory All Jammers Doubleheader on 8.09.08. (Photo by Patrick Brewser)

8.09.08 Doubleheader Scores

Destroy all Jammers! Doubleheader Scores

Garden State Rollergirls 53
Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction 60

Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 46
New York Shock Exchange 69

NYSE Bouting For Charity Next Friday

2nd Annual GSR Charity Bout!

Click here for tickets

GSR and NY Shock Exchange are joining forces to put on 3 mini-bouts to raise money for charity. Each team will represent a charity and proceeds from the bout will be split between the 6 charities:
NY Police Athletic League, Newark Public Library, Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, Willow Tree, and Real House Women's Shelter.

Prebout Party at Hard Grove Cafe in Jersey City. Shuttle bus available from Hard Grove for $10 round trip!! Bus will be leaving Hard Grove around 7:30. You can reserve a seat with your online purchase via Brown Paper Tickets or PayPal $10 to

Shock Exchange vs Dirty Dozen Rematch 8.9

On Saturday, August 9th, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby will host a double header bout featuring the Dirty Dozen playing against the New York Shock Exchange and the Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction taking on the Garden State Rollergirls.
Doors open at 6PM, first whistle at 7PM.
Guys are up first, with 4 alternating periods.
The bout will be held at Fitzpatrick Skating Rink, 575 Maple Street, Holyoke, MA.
Plenty of free parking.

Rollercon 2008

Shock Exchange Skater, MotorPsycho, is attending Rollercon 2008 in Las Vegas and skated in the mixed men's team scrimmage.

Brawl in the Wall Tomorrow!

This Sunday, The New York Shock Exchange will play a Black vs. White scrimmage at the Brawl in Wall Featuring the debut of the Boardwalk Brawlers and the Sisters of Mayhem.


Shock Exchange lines the outside of the track during skater introductions on 6.29.08 (Photo by Donna Party)

A big thank you to everyone who came out and made last Sunday's bout a success!

Thank you head referee, Hambone, and the most excellent officiating staff, Endless Justin, Judge Knot, Thrill House, The Professor, Miss Trial, AcuPunchHer Needles, Terra M Sous, Punchy Brewster, DiSKO Wreckard, The Rev, Sergeant Major, Chicken Wing, Fisticuffs, Em Dash, Demonica Mars, D Train.

Thank you volunteers, Donna Party, Chickie Boom, Mr. Dash, IV Drop, Circuit Breaker.

Thank you announcers, Ginger Snap, Dirty Marty, Dainty Inferno.

Thank you, United States of America, and have a happy 4th of July!

Skaters warm up before the Men's Mixed Team Scrimmage at the Charm City Rollergirls bout in the Baltimore Armory on 2.17.08. (Photo by epmd_derby)

Mighty Mothra Mega Update

Mighty Mothra Mega Update
July 2nd, 2008

Known for his rapid rise as a relentless jammer, Mothra came to epitomize the can-do spirit and success of our club. As his proud teammate, it pains me to be sharing news concerning the injury he suffered during our game this past Sunday rather then simply extolling his virtues as an intelligent, hard-working, selfless man.

While jamming early in the second half, Mothra, inadvertently tripped up with an opposing skater, took an unlucky fall which caused multiple breaks in the lower half of his leg. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital where he received surgery the following day.

I am pleased to report the surgery was successful and he is expected to make a full recovery. However, the pain has yet to stabilize and a difficult journey lies ahead. Please take solace in the fact that his family, friends, and teammates are with him now and will be with him the whole way through.

Mothra would like to thank everyone who has sent their well-wishes to date. He is in deep appreciation of this outpouring of sympathy. All of this caring will ease the time spent before skates come back on his feet and he returns to his rightful place on the track.

Block Low, Skate Hard, and Make an “M” for Mothra

Jonathan R
New York Shock Exchange

NY Shock Exchange 6.29.08

Above, NY Shock Exchange team photograph after 147-49 victory over the Harm City Homicide to retain the Athletic Cup Championship Trophy (in center wearing helmet) in the first 60 minute men's roller derby bout in modern history. (Photo by Donna Party)

Back Row (Left to Right): Angelo Death, T-Stop Tornado, MotorPsycho, Maulin' Brando, Wolfgang Von Stomp, Patrick Bateman

Second Row (Left to Right): Rinkworm, Filthy McNasty, PsychoBilly, Flames Cagney, Abe Drinkin' making an "M" for Mothra

Front Row (Left to Right): Darth Invader, Jonathan R

More photographs here:

Garden State Rollergirls Halftime Expo Scores

Garden State Rollergirls Halftime Expo
@ Shock Exchange vs Harm City (6.29.08)

GSR Black: 29
GSR White: 50

NY Shock Exchange Vs Harm City Homicide (6.29.08) Scores

Harm City Homicide: 49
NY Shock Exchange: 147

Shock Exchange retains Athletic Cup.

Take the NYC Shuttle Tonight!

Teen Wolf gets shuttled to the Shock Exchange/Midwest Men's Derby Scrimmage in Chicago on 3.30.08. (Photo by Rose Callahan)

Tickets still available for the shuttle to the game tonight!

The Shuttle will leave from 34th St. and 6th Ave at 5:00pm. It is a yellow school bus with "JOFAZ TRANSPORTATION" written on the side.

Please contact our volunteer shuttle coordinator at (1-773-470-8571) if you have any difficulties finding it. Tickets will be available on the shuttle.

Following the game, you have the choice of taking shuttle 1 directly
back to NYC or shuttle 2 which will stop at the after-party and then
return to NYC.

See you tonight!


Shock Exchange/Harm City Photo Collage featuring photos by Rose Callahan, epmd, Jason Bechtel, Cynical Scribe, and Hela Skelter

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

NY Shock Exchange vs Harm City Homicide

for the Athletic Cup Championship Trophy!

First 60 minute Men's Roller Derby Bout in Modern History!

All-Female, All-Awesome Garden State Rollergirls Halftime Bout!

Kendall Park Roller Rink
3550 Rt 27
Kendall Park, NJ 08824

Doors open at 6:30pm. First whistle at 7:00pm. Shuttle from NYC leaves at 5:00pm.

Tickets: $10

Shuttle Special from NYC: $23
Includes ticket + shuttle ride from NYC to game, after-party (optional), and back. Shuttle leaves from 34th and 6th Ave at 5:00pm. One shuttle will return to NYC after the game and one shuttle will return after stop at after-party.

Two New Dates!

The Shock Exchange is pleased to add two hot dates to its 2008 season.

Shock Exchange Black vs White at the 2007 Long Island Roller Rebels Championships on July 15th.

Saturday, July 19th

Long Island Roller Rebels Vs Wilimington Ruff Rollers
with Shock Exchange Black Vs White Game
@ Skate Skate America, Old Bethpage, NY

Friday, August 15th

Garden State Rollergirls Charity Bout
with Shock Exchange Black Vs White Game
@ Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center, Newark, NJ

Season Schedule Change

Due to the recent league merge, the Shock Exchange Black Vs White Halftime Scrimmages at Dirty Dames' bouts on July 20th and August 17th are no more.

Fear not! The Shock Exchange floor is bustling with activity as new bout options are trading at all time highs.

The Shock Exchange hustles and bustles before their halftime expo against the Harm City Homicide (Photo by Rose Callahan)

Hub City Hellrazors Merging with Garden State Rollergirls

Hub City Hellrazor and Garden State Skater hug after Jersey Cup bout on 11.11.07

Breaking news: The Hub City Hellrazors are merging with the Garden State Rollergirls and retiring the NJ Dirty Dames' name. Read all about it!

We bid a heartfelt goodbye to this wonderful roller derby league, whom paved the way for the Shock Exchange's debut and continued success.

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, the Shock Exchange would like to thank all of its wonderful Roller Mothers.

Bone Crawford and Chassis Crass, spiritual mothers of the Shock Exchange, at a Gotham Girls Roller Derby Bout in 2005 (Photo by Nina Rich)

On a related note, the Shock Exchange would like to wish the very best of luck to the MILFs Roller Derby team who are playing at 1:50pm on June 21st at the Philly Rollergirls 2008 East Coast Derby Extravaganza.

Tryouts 5/18

NY Shock Exchange Men's Roller Derby is recruiting skaters to train for and play in the rest of the 2008 season and beyond.

Tryouts will be held on Sunday May 18th from 1-3pm.

Send an email to Jonathan R for details.

5/4 Doubleheader Scores

Dirty Dozen (Pioneer Valley Male Travel Team) - 44
New York Shock Exchange - 125

Western Mass Destruction (Pioneer Valley Female Travel Team) - 51
Hub City Hellrazors (New Jersey Dirty Dames) - 81

Team Photograph 5/4/08

The NY Shock Exchange celebrate their victory on May 4th, 2008. (Photo by Hela Skelter)

Shock Exchange Vs Dirty Dozen Next Sunday


Sunday May 04, 2008 6:30 PM

Kendall Park Roller Rink
3550 Rt 27
Kendall Park, NJ 08824

It's double derby goodness with a rematch of last year's history making coed flat track game between NY/NJ and Western Massachusetts.

Hub City Hellrazors vs. Western Mass Destruction
New York Shock Exchange vs. The Dirty Dozen

Last Year, The Hellrazors fell to Western Mass Destruction 86 to 58 and the New York Shock Exchange defeated the Dirty Dozen 109 to 51 in order to claim the coveted Athletic Cup Championship Trophy.

Tickets Here!

2008 Season Dates Shout Out

Shock Exchange Manager, the Temp Tress, calmly guides the team to success during the halftime expo against the Harm City Homicide at the Charm City Rollergirls Championship on 10.14.07 . (Photo by Rose Callahan)

The Shock Exchange is proud to announce 2008 Season Dates in conjunction with the New Jersey Dirty Dames (NJDD) and Shore Points Roller Derby :

Bout 1: Sunday, May 4th: Doubleheader!

NY Shock Exchange vs Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen
NJDD Hubcity Hellrazors vs. Pioneer Valley Western Mass Destruction
@ Kendall Park Skating Center

Tickets on Sale Here!

Bout 2: Sunday, June 29: Full Length Men's Bout!

NY Shock Exhange Vs Harm City Homicide (Baltimore).
@ Kendall Park Skating Center

Bout 3: Sunday, July 13: Doubleheader!

NY Shock Exchange Vs Diamond City Death Kings (Wilkes-Barre, PA)
Shore Points Roller Derby Boardwalk Brawlers Vs. Sisters of Mayhem
@ Good Sports USA

Bout 4: Sunday, July 20: NJDD Rink Wreckers vs. Boardwalk Brawlers

with NY Shock Exchange Black Vs White
@ Kendall Park Skating Center

Bout 5: Sunday, August 17: NJDD Troop 666 vs. Suburbia Roller Derby

with NY Shock Exchange Black Vs White Rematch
@ Kendall Park Skating Center

The Shock Exchange takes the track to warm up before their halftime expo game against Midwest Men's Roller Derby at the Windy City Rollers Bout on 3.29.08. (Photo by Rose Callahan)

Give Teen Wolf a lift!

Vader and Maulin' Brando carry teammate, Teen Wolf, off the track after the NYSE vs MMRD halftime expo at the Windy City Rollers bout on 3.29.08. (Photo by Katie Stapely)

You can give Teen Wolf a lift too!

NYSE vs MMRD Photo Link

Jammers, Travis D. Adjustus and Vader, race off the start line at the NYSE vs MMRD game (Photo by Jason Bechtel)

Thanks to Jason Bechtel!

New York Shock Exchange 3.29.08

The Shock Exchange takes the track to warm up before their halftime expo game against Midwest Men's Roller Derby at the Windy City Rollers Bout on 3.29.08. (Photo by Rose Callahan)

Eastern Men's Derby Conference: All Male Revue

The Men's Derby Coalition is hosting the Eastern Men's Derby Conference: All Male Revue this Saturday, 4/5, in New York City.

Derby 101
For inexperienced players
Beginner's Scrimmage, Mixed Teams - Pickup, and/or Scheduled
Panel Discussion
Q & A's with organizing members of: The Dirty Dozen, Homicide, and Shock Exchange

NYSE vs MMRD on Youtube

Youtube footage of New York Shock Exchange vs Midwest Men's Roller Derby during halftime of the 3/29/08 Windy City Rollers Bout, Four-Leaf Clobber:

Men's Derby Coalition

The Men's Derby Coalition, which includes the Harm City Homicide, the New York Shock Exchange, and the Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen Men's Roller Derby Teams, now has a website:

Shock Exchange Vs Midwest Men's Roller Derby 3/29

Shock Exchange Vs Midwest Men's Roller Derby 3/29

The New York Shock Exchange will be playing a 10 minute exhibition bout against Midwest Men's Roller Derby during halftime of the Windy City Rollers' Bout on Saturday, March 29th in Cicero, IL.

Tickets available with the Windy City Rollers.

New York Shock Exchange Roster 3/29/08

Angelo Death #138
Abe Drinkin' #4 score and 7
Darth Invader # 4ce
Flames Cagney # 1000
Jonathan R # 6
Maulin' Brando # 14
Patrick Bateman #West 81st
Rinkworm #11
Sugar Daddy #33
Teen Wolf #111

Lacey Overalls

3/16 Conneticut Bout: Recap, Scores, Rosters

Link to Recap at Derby News Network

3/16 Scores:

Feature Bout:
Connecticut Rollergirls Stepford Sabotage: 47
Providence Roller Derby Rhode Island Riveters: 107

Mixed Men's Team Scrimmage
Snakes: 63
St. Patrick's: 78

Mixed Men's Team Scrimmage Rosters

St Patricks (GREEN)
From: New York Shock Exchange
PsychoBilly 13
Rinkworm 11
Maulin' Brando 14
Abe Drinkin' 4 score and 7
Thugz Bunny 1oo1
Jonathan R 6
Angelo Death 138

From: Harm City Homicide
Sex Ed 101
Virginia Slim 523
Magnificent Bastard

From: Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen
Calico Jack Wreckem #86
Bazooka Joe #49
Davy Jones #78

From: The CT Death Quads:
Bulz - i #0
Johnny Holeshot #30
The Stoneman, Hennessey Hailstones #665


The Snakes (WHITE)
From: New York Shock Exchange
Teen Wolf 111
Darth Invader 4ce
Mothra 9ish
Flames Cagney 1000
MotorPsycho 127

From: Harm City Homocide
Sin Diesel *1
Carpe Demon 7734
Justice FeelGood Marshall 1954

From: Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen
Rollin' Redshirt #1955
The Rev #71
Dr. Spankenstein #113v
Crash Daily

From: The CT Death Quads:
Skatebreed - #121
Hank the Tank - #747
The Cirkle Jerk - #19

Conneticut Vs Providence 3/16

New York Shock Exchange skaters will be participating in a pre-bout mixed men's team scrimmage at 6:30pm.

Tickets and Details here:

Throwdown in the Sound 3/8

Shock Exchange skaters, Rinkworm and Flames Cagney, will be skating in the Throwdown in the Sound in Tacoma, WA tomorrow.

2/10 Referee Photo

(L to R): Ivanka Hump, Demonica Mars, Thrillhouse, Kicking Chicken, Punchy Brewster

Photo by Lady Refstrike

2/10 Team Photo

Back Row (L to R): Angelo Death, MotorPsycho, Sugar Daddy, Psychobilly, Adam Smasher, Filthy McNasty, Maulin' Brando, Snausage, T-Stop Tornado

Front Row (L to R): Flames Cagney, Thugz Bunny, Patrick Bateman, Rinkworm, Teen Wolf, Jonathan R, Mothra, Abe Drinkin', Darth Invader

Photo by Lady Refstrike

2/17 Bout Scores

Pre-Bout Mixed Team Scrimmage

Team Lincoln: 38
Team Booth: 39

Main Bout

Ohio Roller Girls: 64
Charm City Roller Girls: 133

2/17 Pre-Bout Scrimmage Rosters

TEAM BOOTH - White Shirts

Sin Diesel (Captain) **Harm City Homicide**
Justice Feelgood Marshal **Harm City Homicide**
Deutsch Bag **Harm City Homicide**
Hung Solo **Harm City Homicide**

The Rev (Co-captain) **Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen**
Bazooka Joe **Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen**

PsychoBilly **New York Shock Exchange**
Wolfgang Von Stomp **New York Shock Exchange**
Rinkworm **New York Shock Exchange**
Thugz Bunny **New York Shock Exchange**
Filthy McNasty **New York Shock Exchange**

Hollywood Chuck Bury **Puget Sound Derby Outcasts**

TEAM LINCOLN - Black Shirts

Natty Bones (Captain) **Harm City Homicide**
Sex Ed **Harm City Homicide**
Virginia Slim **Harm City Homicide**
John Reusing **Harm City Homicide**
Refsputin **Harm City Homicide**

Dr. Spankenstein **Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen**
Rollin' Redshirt **Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen**

Abe Drinkin' (Co-captain) **New York Shock Exchange**
Jonathan R. **New York Shock Exchange**
Maulin' Brando **New York Shock Exchange**
Patrick Bateman **New York Shock Exchange**
Flames Cagney **New York Shock Exchange**

Charm City Roller Girls Vs Ohio Roller Girls - 2/17

This Sunday, 2/17, Charm City Rollergirls Vs. Ohio Rollergirls at the Baltimore Armory.

New York Shock Exchange Skaters will be participating in a pre-bout mixed men's team scrimmage at 3pm.

Details below:

NY SHOCK EXCHANGE FUNDRAZOR saturday jan 26th @ 8pm

You are invited to a FundRazor for the NEW
YORK SHOCK EXCHANGE - New York's ONLY Men's Roller
Derby representation, and current 2007 CHAMPIONS OF
THE WORLD and holders of the coveted Athletic Cup
Championship Trophy.

Don't know what Roller Derby's all about?
- Come Find out, and have some fun doing it!

Like doing karaoke?
- Come sing DUETS with your favorite Roller Derby
Skaters. All the Shockers, from unbreakable
MotorPsycho to relentless Rinkworm, will be there!

Happy Hour Karaoke Fundrazor Party

Where?: EXILE
38-62 11th street, floor #1
Long Island City, NY 11101 <-map

When?: Saturday Night January 26th
after 8:00pm

This will be a donation based event, with a $5
donation to get in, and 1$ songs of KARAOKE! Plus
donation based drink specials. All funds will benefit
the NY SHOCK EXCHANGE Men's Roller Derby organization
and it's journey to bring Men's Roller Derby Team and
its journey across the country to defend the coveted
Atheltic Cup Championship Trophy.

p.s. if you're new to Corporate Culture and wondering
about the Business Casual aesthetic, go here.