Shock Exchange lines the outside of the track during skater introductions on 6.29.08 (Photo by Donna Party)

A big thank you to everyone who came out and made last Sunday's bout a success!

Thank you head referee, Hambone, and the most excellent officiating staff, Endless Justin, Judge Knot, Thrill House, The Professor, Miss Trial, AcuPunchHer Needles, Terra M Sous, Punchy Brewster, DiSKO Wreckard, The Rev, Sergeant Major, Chicken Wing, Fisticuffs, Em Dash, Demonica Mars, D Train.

Thank you volunteers, Donna Party, Chickie Boom, Mr. Dash, IV Drop, Circuit Breaker.

Thank you announcers, Ginger Snap, Dirty Marty, Dainty Inferno.

Thank you, United States of America, and have a happy 4th of July!

Skaters warm up before the Men's Mixed Team Scrimmage at the Charm City Rollergirls bout in the Baltimore Armory on 2.17.08. (Photo by epmd_derby)

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