NY Shock Exchange Family Photo (12.13.09)

NY Shock Exchange Family Photograph

Back Row (Standing From Left to Right): Punk You, Abe Drinkin', Futures Jon, Mothra, Jonathan R, Psychobilly, Maulin' Brando, Patrick Bateman, Trickster, Double Clutch

Middle Row (Kneeling From Left to Right): T-Stop Tornado, Futures Tom, Ronnie Mako, Ladis Knight, Flames Cagney, Mike-A-Holic, Teenwolf, Futures Jason, Angelo Death

Front Row (Sitting from Left to Right): Filthy McNasty, Dr. Scrath N Sniff, Miss Trial

Not Pictured: Wolfgang Von Stomp, Vader, Lacey Overalls, Ivanka Hump, Motorpsycho

Photo by Carmen Monoxide