2/10 Referee Photo

(L to R): Ivanka Hump, Demonica Mars, Thrillhouse, Kicking Chicken, Punchy Brewster

Photo by Lady Refstrike

2/10 Team Photo

Back Row (L to R): Angelo Death, MotorPsycho, Sugar Daddy, Psychobilly, Adam Smasher, Filthy McNasty, Maulin' Brando, Snausage, T-Stop Tornado

Front Row (L to R): Flames Cagney, Thugz Bunny, Patrick Bateman, Rinkworm, Teen Wolf, Jonathan R, Mothra, Abe Drinkin', Darth Invader

Photo by Lady Refstrike

2/17 Bout Scores

Pre-Bout Mixed Team Scrimmage

Team Lincoln: 38
Team Booth: 39

Main Bout

Ohio Roller Girls: 64
Charm City Roller Girls: 133

2/17 Pre-Bout Scrimmage Rosters

TEAM BOOTH - White Shirts

Sin Diesel (Captain) **Harm City Homicide**
Justice Feelgood Marshal **Harm City Homicide**
Deutsch Bag **Harm City Homicide**
Hung Solo **Harm City Homicide**

The Rev (Co-captain) **Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen**
Bazooka Joe **Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen**

PsychoBilly **New York Shock Exchange**
Wolfgang Von Stomp **New York Shock Exchange**
Rinkworm **New York Shock Exchange**
Thugz Bunny **New York Shock Exchange**
Filthy McNasty **New York Shock Exchange**

Hollywood Chuck Bury **Puget Sound Derby Outcasts**

TEAM LINCOLN - Black Shirts

Natty Bones (Captain) **Harm City Homicide**
Sex Ed **Harm City Homicide**
Virginia Slim **Harm City Homicide**
John Reusing **Harm City Homicide**
Refsputin **Harm City Homicide**

Dr. Spankenstein **Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen**
Rollin' Redshirt **Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen**

Abe Drinkin' (Co-captain) **New York Shock Exchange**
Jonathan R. **New York Shock Exchange**
Maulin' Brando **New York Shock Exchange**
Patrick Bateman **New York Shock Exchange**
Flames Cagney **New York Shock Exchange**

Charm City Roller Girls Vs Ohio Roller Girls - 2/17

This Sunday, 2/17, Charm City Rollergirls Vs. Ohio Rollergirls at the Baltimore Armory.

New York Shock Exchange Skaters will be participating in a pre-bout mixed men's team scrimmage at 3pm.

Details below: