Shock Exchange Members Scrimmage at Northwest Knockdown

On Saturday November 15th, Patrick Bateman, T-Stop Tornado and Filthy McNasty played in a black and white scrimmage at the Northwest Knockdown in Portland, Oregon, organized by Cupples Skate of the Rose City Rollers ref crew. It occurred during halftime of the first and fourth bouts of the day and each scrimmage was about fifteen minutes. Abraham Drinkin' bench coached the black team during the first scrimmage. Members of the Harm City Homicide, Puget Sound Outcasts and other men's teams participated as well.

(photos by Tom Igoe)

A set of photos from the scrimmages can be found here.

NY Shock Exchange 10.18.08

The NY Shock Exchange, with managers Teen Wolf and Carmen Monoxide, pose for a team photograph on October 18th, 2008 after their victory over the Connecticut Death Quads.

NY Shock Exchange 10.18.08

Back Row (Left to Right): Filthy McNasty, Wolfgang Von Stomp, PsychoBilly, Darth Invader, Patrick Bateman, Abe Drinkin', Maulin' Brando

Front Row (Left to Right): Teenwolf, Carmen Monoxide, Flames Cagney, Rinkworm, Jonathan R, MotorPyscho

Gotham Girls Roller Derby Wins National Championship!

The Shock Exchange congratulates Gotham Girls Roller Derby for winning the 2008 Women's Flat Track Derby Association National Championship!

The Northwest Knockdown National Championship Tournament was held in Portland, OR this past weekend. For winning, Gotham received the newly named "Hydra" trophy, which was named after founding Texas Rollergirl, Hydra.