NY Shock Exchange Team Photograph (11.7.09)

The NY Shock Exchange pose for a team photograph on Nov. 11th, 2009 after their victory over the Connecticut Death Quads in Yonkers, NY. (Photo by Maureen Fleming for Metromix)

NY Shock Exchange 11.7.09

Back Row (Standing Left to Right): Ivanka Hump, Ronnie Mako, T-Stop Tornado, Mothra, Ladies Knight, Vader, Maulin' Brando, Abe Drinkin', Angelo Death, Wolfgang Von Stomp

Front Row (Kneeling Left to Right): Patrick Bateman, Red Five, Teenwolf, Psychobilly, Filthy McNasty, Jonathan R

Not pictured: Adam Antichrist, Lacey Overalls

11/7/09 Doubleheader Scores

NY Shock Exchange 127
Connecticut Death Quads 62

Jersey Brawl 62
Suburban Brawl 131