NY Shock Exchange Family Photo (12.13.09)

NY Shock Exchange Family Photograph

Back Row (Standing From Left to Right): Punk You, Abe Drinkin', Futures Jon, Mothra, Jonathan R, Psychobilly, Maulin' Brando, Patrick Bateman, Trickster, Double Clutch

Middle Row (Kneeling From Left to Right): T-Stop Tornado, Futures Tom, Ronnie Mako, Ladis Knight, Flames Cagney, Mike-A-Holic, Teenwolf, Futures Jason, Angelo Death

Front Row (Sitting from Left to Right): Filthy McNasty, Dr. Scrath N Sniff, Miss Trial

Not Pictured: Wolfgang Von Stomp, Vader, Lacey Overalls, Ivanka Hump, Motorpsycho

Photo by Carmen Monoxide

NY Shock Exchange Team Photograph (11.7.09)

The NY Shock Exchange pose for a team photograph on Nov. 11th, 2009 after their victory over the Connecticut Death Quads in Yonkers, NY. (Photo by Maureen Fleming for Metromix)

NY Shock Exchange 11.7.09

Back Row (Standing Left to Right): Ivanka Hump, Ronnie Mako, T-Stop Tornado, Mothra, Ladies Knight, Vader, Maulin' Brando, Abe Drinkin', Angelo Death, Wolfgang Von Stomp

Front Row (Kneeling Left to Right): Patrick Bateman, Red Five, Teenwolf, Psychobilly, Filthy McNasty, Jonathan R

Not pictured: Adam Antichrist, Lacey Overalls

11/7/09 Doubleheader Scores

NY Shock Exchange 127
Connecticut Death Quads 62

Jersey Brawl 62
Suburban Brawl 131

NY Shock Exchange VS CT Death Quads - 11.7.09

Suburbia Roller Derby Presents:

Double Header - Saturday, Nov. 7th in Yonkers, NY

Doors Open: 4:30 pm

First the men face-off: The Death Quads vs. The NY Shock Exchange. Then the Suburban Brawl, Suburbia's Allstars, take on the New Jersey Brawl - Jersey's team of Allstars.

Tickets available here

This is going to be intense! Don't miss it.

NY Shock Exchange Team Photograph (10.17.09)

The NY Shock Exchange and managers pose for a team photograph after their victory at halftime of the Charm City Championships on 10.17.09 (photo by Craig Lammes)

NY Shock Exchange 10.17.09
Back Row (Standing Left to Right): Filthy McNasty, Mike-A-Holic, Maulin' Brando, Darth Invader, Adam Antichrist, Wolfgang Von Stomp

Middle Row (Left to Right): Ronnie Mako, Patrick Bateman, Mothra

Front Row (Left to Right): Abe Drinkin', Double Clutch, Flames Cagney, Teenwolf, Jonathan R

Photograph from Charm City Championships

Shock Exchange jammer, Abe Drinkin' (in green shorts), sprints around the corner in the pack at the Charm City Championships on 10.17.09 (photo by grace*c*)

Charm City Championships Scores

Harm City Homicide 35
NY Shock Exchange 56

NYSE MVP: Mothra #9ish
Harm City MVP: Justice Feelgood Marshall #1954

Charm City Rollergirls 3rd Place Bout
Speed Regime 132
Mobtown Mods 78

Charm City Rollergirls 2009 Championship Bout
Junkyard Dolls 111
Night Terrors 69

Shock Exchange @ Charm City Championships Saturday 10/17

The NY Shock Exchange skates against the Harm City Homicide (of Baltimore, MD) at halftime of the Charm City Rollergirls Championships this Saturday.

The Charm City Roller Girls close out their home season this Saturday with two sure to be epic games! The Mobtown Mods and Speed Regime hit the track in a battle for third place while the Night Terrors and Junkyard Dolls throw down to see who will take home first place and the coveted Donaghy Cup. And as if that isn't enough derby, the Harm City Homicide will take on the New York Shock Exchange in a halftime scrimmage. It all goes down at DuBurns Arena in Canton, doors at 6:00pm, bout starts at 7:00pm. Get your tickets online now!

Courtsey of the Charm City Roller Girls

NYSE vs The Dirty Dozen 092509 Photographs II

DSC_4576_edited-1_5x5, originally uploaded by JABoyce.

NY Shock Exchange jammer Teenwolf (White) hops the line past Pioneer Valley Blocker Bazooka Joe (Green) (Photograph by JABoyce).

NYSE vs The Dirty Dozen 092509 Photographs

NYSE vs The Dirty Dozen 092509, originally uploaded by kells422.

The NY Shock Exchange takes the track on Friday, September 25th, 2009. (Photograph by kells422)

9.25.09 Scores and Bout Transcript

9.25.09 Doubleheader

Men's Bout

NY Shock Exchange 73
Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 56

Women's Bout

Pioneer Valley Weapons of Mass Destruction 76
Garden State Rollergirls 58

Full Bout Textcast transcript archived here: http://www.derbynewsnetwork.com/live/bouts/2009/09/dirty_dozen_vs_new_york_shock_exchange

9.25.09 Rosters

Rosters for Tomorrow's NYSE vs PVRD bout:

New York Shock Exchange

1. Abe Drinkin' Four Score and Seven
2. Darth Invader 4ce
3. Filthy McNasty 61
4. Flames Cagney 1000
5. Jonathan R 6
6. Maulin' Brando 14
7. Mothra 9ish
8. MotorPsycho 127
9. Patrick Bateman West 81st
10. PsychoBilly 13
11. Red Five 5
12. Ronnie Mako 7
13. Teen Wolf
14. Wolfgang Von Stomp 40th

Gordon Gecko $$
Jefferee 420

Pioneer Valley

1. Bazooka Joe #49
2. Brutus Priest #39
3. Davy Jones #78
4. Dr. Spankenstein #113v (Captain)
5. Fresh Eddie Fresh #<3
6. Jurasskick Park #1993
7. Lemmy Adam #5
8. The Rev #71
9. Rollin' Redshirt #1955
10. Sideswipe #68
11. Snidely Rinkrash #42
12. Will Jettison #VF-84

More Photographs from Eastern Regionals

Filthy McNasty (Yellow #61 in Green Tights) collides with Dr. Spankenstein (Dark Green #113V in Camo Shorts) during the Men's Bout on 9.13.09.

Photographs of the WFTDA Eastern Regionals (Wicked Wheels Of The East) Men's Roller Derby Exposition Bout by Darren Mayhem.

Eastern Regionals Men's Bout Photos

Photographs of the WFTDA Eastern Regionals (Wicked Wheels Of The East) Men's Roller Derby Exposition Bout by Joshua Craig.

Final Score

Dirty Homicide: 83

Death Shock: 94

NY Shock Exchange @ Eastern Regionals

NY Shock Exchange skaters will be representing New York in a 60 minute men's roller derby exhibition bout at the Wicked Wheels of the East: WFTDA Eastern Regionals in Raleigh, NC this weekend.

Death Shock (featuring skaters from the NY Shock Exchange and Connecticut Death Quads).
The Dirty Homicide (featuring skaters from the Harm City Homicide and Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen)

The game will at approximately 4:30 pm on Sunday, Sept. 13 prior to the 3/4 place game and championships.




Bazooka Joe 49 (PVRD)

Davy Jones 78 (PVRD)

Dr Spankenstein 113V (PVRD)

Gearhead 88 (HCH)

Groper Cleavage 8 (HCH)

Hung Solo YT-1300 (HCH)

Jack of Hurtz 21 (HCH)

Jurasskick Park 1993 (PVRD)

Justice Feelgood Marshall 1954 (HCH)

Rollin' Redshirt 1955 (PVRD)

Sin Diesel 1* (HCH)

Virginia Slim 523 (HCH)

Will Jettison 84-VF (PVRD)



Abe Drinkin 4&7 (NYSE)

Cirkle Jerk 19 (CTDQ)

Filthy McNasty 61 (NYSE)

Fro Serious 1819 (CTDQ)

Jonathan R 6 (NYSE)

Maulin Brando 14 (NYSE)

Pastor of Muppets 42 (CTDQ)

Resident Masochist 13 (CTDQ)

Skatebreed 121 (CTDQ)

Super Dave 665 (CTDQ)

T-Stop Tornado 517 (NYSE)

Teenwolf 111 (NYSE)

Vader 4CE (NYSE)

Zakk Sabbath 4 -Steve Kuhn (CTDQ)

NY Shock Exchange 6.21.09

The NY Shock Exchange, with managers, Ivanka Hump and Lacey Overalls, and head referee, Miss Trial, pose for a team photograph on June 21st, 2009 after their victory over the Harm City Homicide in Hagerstown, MD.

NY Shock Exchange 6.21.09

Back Row (Left to Right): Lacey Overalls, Ivanka Hump, Adam Antichrist, Maulin' Brando, Darth Invader, Jonathan R, Jefferee, Filthy McNasty, Psychobilly

Second Row (Left to Right): Red 5, Flames Cagney, Patrick Bateman, Teenwolf, Rinkworm, Mike-A-Holic, Abe Drinkin'

Front Row: Miss Trial

Men’s Roller Derby Bout Expo: East Coast Derby Extravaganza 2009

Philly Rollergirls 2009 East Coast Derby Extravaganza Weekend kicks off with a Men’s Roller Derby Exhibition Bout!

This Friday, June 24th, witness a reenactment of the Revolutionary War Battle of Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which pits The British Invasion vs The Philly Phounding Phathers.

It’s 30 minutes of derby action featuring skaters from Harm City Homicide (Baltimore, MD), Connecticut Death Quads (Waterbury, CT), New York Shock Exchange (New York, NY), Pioneer Valley Roller Derby (Northampton, Massachusetts), Dallas Deception (Dallas, TX), Midwest Men’s Derby (Midwestern US), and Puget Sound Outcast Derby (Tacoma, WA)!

The location is the Sportsplex located at 1331 O'Reilly Dr, Feasterville, PA 19053.

Doors Open: 5:30 pm
Bout Time: 6:00 pm

Tickets ($10) go on sale at 5:30 pm.

Tickets are also good for the Friday Night WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) bout: Charm City Roller Girls (Baltimore, MD)
vs. Rat City Roller Girls (Seattle, WA)


The British Invasion (Red Coats)

Abraham Drinkin 47 (NYSE)
Vader 4 (NYSE) [Captain]
Davy Jones 78 (PVRD)
Deutsch Bag 9 (HCH)
Jurasskick Park 1993 (PVRD)
MotorPsycho 127 (NYSE)
The Pastor of Muppets 42 (CTDQ)
Quadzilla L.K. 23 (PSOD)
Sin Diesel 1 (HCH)
Skatebreed 121 (CTDQ)
TeenWolf 111 (NYSE)
The Rev 71 (PVRD)
Virginia Slim 523 (HCH)

The Philly Phounding Phathers (Navy Blue with White Stars)

Bazooka Joe 49 (PVRD)
Cirkle Jerk 19 (CTDQ)
Dr. Spankenstein113 (PVRD) [Captain]
Hung Solo 1300 (HCH)
Johnny Holeshot 30 (CTDQ)
Jonathan R 6 (NYSE)
Justice Feelgood Marshall 1954 (HCH)
Maulin' Brando 14 (NYSE)
Psycho Billy 13 (NYSE)
Quad Almighty 7 (MMRD)
Rinkworm 11 (NYSE)
Shortbus 0 (DD)
T-Stop Tornado 517 (NYSE)

Maid of Dishonor Scores

Women's Bout

Wilmington City Ruff Rollers 208
Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens 74

Men's Bout

Harm City Homicide 64
NY Shock Exchange 106

NYSE @ PVRD (5.02.09) Score

2x20 minute Men's Bout

Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 66
NY Shock Exchange 115

NY Shock Exchange Team Photo 5.2.09

The NY Shock Exchange, with managers Ivanka Hump and Raggedy Animal, pose for a team photograph on May 2nd, 2009 after their victory over the Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen. (Photo by Xena Paradox)

NY Shock Exchange 5.02.09

Back Row (Left to Right): Filthy McNasty, Raggedy Animal, Mothra, Wolfgang Von Stomp, Maulin' Brando, Abe Drinkin', Angelo Death, Psychobilly, T-Stop Tornado, MotorPyscho

Front Row (Left to Right): Jonathan R, Ivanka Hump, Darth Invader, Mike A Holic, Patrick Bateman, Rinkworm, Teenwolf

Saturday: Heart Breakers Brawl with NYSE in expo bout

Shore Points Roller Derby Presents

Saturday, February 21, 2009

With Men's Roller Derby President's Day Roller Derby Expo Bout Halftime:

Lincolns vs Booths

Get tickets here

1.10.09 Suburbia Scrimmage Rosters

1.10.09 Suburbia Scrimmage Rosters


The Saw Mill Blade Runners
MotorPsycho (Captain)
Teenwolf (Co-Captain)
Darth Invader
Maulin' Brando
Hank the Tank (Connecticut Death Quads)
Cirkle Jerk (Connecticut Death Quads)
Psycho Billy
Red Five*
Wolfgang Von Stomp
Dainty Inferno (Manager)

The Tuckahoe Road Warriors
Skatebreed (Captain) (Connecticut Death Quads)
Abe Drinkin'
Angelo Death
Filthy McNasty
Pastor of Muppets (Connecticut Death Quads)
Jonathan R
Patrick Bateman
Sergeant Major (Connecticut Death Quads)*
Johnny Holeshot (Connecticut Death Quads)
Girl Fawkes (Manager)

*Making their debut!

Jan 10th: Shock Exchange In Suburbia NY

The New York Shock Exchange and the Connecticut Death Quads are joining forces to play a 30-minute mixed-team scrimmage at halftime of the January 10th Suburbia Roller Derby bout: Snow Bunnies v. Ice Queens.

Location: Yonkers P.A.L. (Iris and Martin Walshin Center), 127 N. Broadway (Rt. 9) in Yonkers.

Take Metro North Hudson Line from Grand Central Station to Yonkers Station. ($6 one way)

Tickets are $12 for General Admission (bleacher/chair seating) / $20 VIP (front-row seat, goodie bag, waitress service). Kids Under 8 Free!

Discounted GA tickets available pre-sale online at Brown Paper Tickets or at our sponsor Barney McNabbs.

Only 21 and Older May Purchase Beer. ID Required.

Doors open at 6 pm and the bout starts at 7 pm.

New member of the Shock Exchange

Announcing the newest member of the New York Shock Exchange:

Red Five #5