NY Shock Exchange @ Eastern Regionals

NY Shock Exchange skaters will be representing New York in a 60 minute men's roller derby exhibition bout at the Wicked Wheels of the East: WFTDA Eastern Regionals in Raleigh, NC this weekend.

Death Shock (featuring skaters from the NY Shock Exchange and Connecticut Death Quads).
The Dirty Homicide (featuring skaters from the Harm City Homicide and Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen)

The game will at approximately 4:30 pm on Sunday, Sept. 13 prior to the 3/4 place game and championships.




Bazooka Joe 49 (PVRD)

Davy Jones 78 (PVRD)

Dr Spankenstein 113V (PVRD)

Gearhead 88 (HCH)

Groper Cleavage 8 (HCH)

Hung Solo YT-1300 (HCH)

Jack of Hurtz 21 (HCH)

Jurasskick Park 1993 (PVRD)

Justice Feelgood Marshall 1954 (HCH)

Rollin' Redshirt 1955 (PVRD)

Sin Diesel 1* (HCH)

Virginia Slim 523 (HCH)

Will Jettison 84-VF (PVRD)



Abe Drinkin 4&7 (NYSE)

Cirkle Jerk 19 (CTDQ)

Filthy McNasty 61 (NYSE)

Fro Serious 1819 (CTDQ)

Jonathan R 6 (NYSE)

Maulin Brando 14 (NYSE)

Pastor of Muppets 42 (CTDQ)

Resident Masochist 13 (CTDQ)

Skatebreed 121 (CTDQ)

Super Dave 665 (CTDQ)

T-Stop Tornado 517 (NYSE)

Teenwolf 111 (NYSE)

Vader 4CE (NYSE)

Zakk Sabbath 4 -Steve Kuhn (CTDQ)

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