NYSE @ PVRD (5.02.09) Score

2x20 minute Men's Bout

Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 66
NY Shock Exchange 115

NY Shock Exchange Team Photo 5.2.09

The NY Shock Exchange, with managers Ivanka Hump and Raggedy Animal, pose for a team photograph on May 2nd, 2009 after their victory over the Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen. (Photo by Xena Paradox)

NY Shock Exchange 5.02.09

Back Row (Left to Right): Filthy McNasty, Raggedy Animal, Mothra, Wolfgang Von Stomp, Maulin' Brando, Abe Drinkin', Angelo Death, Psychobilly, T-Stop Tornado, MotorPyscho

Front Row (Left to Right): Jonathan R, Ivanka Hump, Darth Invader, Mike A Holic, Patrick Bateman, Rinkworm, Teenwolf