Team Photograph 10/14/07

Back Row (L to R): The Temp Tress, Wyatt Trash, Jefferee, PsychoBilly, Maulin' Brando, Snausage, MotorPsycho, Angelo Death, Wolfgang Von Stomp, Lacey Overalls

Front Row (L to R): Darth Invader, Junk Bond, Teen Wolf, Patrick Bateman, Rinkworm, Abe Drinkin', Gordon Gecko, Jonathan R

Courtesy of Rose Callahan

Charm City 10/14 Scores

20 minute exposition bout
New York Shock Exchange 97
Harm City Homicide 14

Charm City Intraleague
Junkyard Dolls 67
Mobtown Mods 54

Charm City Championship Bout
Night Terrors 89
Speed Regime 73

Shock Exchange Vs Harm City Homicide 10/14

The New York Shock Exchange will be playing a 20 minute exhibition bout against the Harm City Homicide during halftime of the Charm City Rollergirls' Championships on Sunday, Oct. 14th in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tickets available with the Charm City Rollergirls

New York Shock Exchange Roster 10/14/07
1 Abraham Drinkin' Four Score and Seven
2 Angelo Death 138
3 Darth Invader 4ce
4 Gordon Gecko $$
5 Jefferee 420
6 Jonathan R 6
7 Junk Bond 007
8 Maulin' Brando 14
9 PsychoBilly 13
10 Rinkworm 11
11 Snausage 15
12 Teen Wolf 111
13 Wolfgang Von Stomp 40th
14 Wyatt Trash 668

Lacey Overalls
The Temp Tress