Brawl in the Wall Tomorrow!

This Sunday, The New York Shock Exchange will play a Black vs. White scrimmage at the Brawl in Wall Featuring the debut of the Boardwalk Brawlers and the Sisters of Mayhem.


Shock Exchange lines the outside of the track during skater introductions on 6.29.08 (Photo by Donna Party)

A big thank you to everyone who came out and made last Sunday's bout a success!

Thank you head referee, Hambone, and the most excellent officiating staff, Endless Justin, Judge Knot, Thrill House, The Professor, Miss Trial, AcuPunchHer Needles, Terra M Sous, Punchy Brewster, DiSKO Wreckard, The Rev, Sergeant Major, Chicken Wing, Fisticuffs, Em Dash, Demonica Mars, D Train.

Thank you volunteers, Donna Party, Chickie Boom, Mr. Dash, IV Drop, Circuit Breaker.

Thank you announcers, Ginger Snap, Dirty Marty, Dainty Inferno.

Thank you, United States of America, and have a happy 4th of July!

Skaters warm up before the Men's Mixed Team Scrimmage at the Charm City Rollergirls bout in the Baltimore Armory on 2.17.08. (Photo by epmd_derby)

Mighty Mothra Mega Update

Mighty Mothra Mega Update
July 2nd, 2008

Known for his rapid rise as a relentless jammer, Mothra came to epitomize the can-do spirit and success of our club. As his proud teammate, it pains me to be sharing news concerning the injury he suffered during our game this past Sunday rather then simply extolling his virtues as an intelligent, hard-working, selfless man.

While jamming early in the second half, Mothra, inadvertently tripped up with an opposing skater, took an unlucky fall which caused multiple breaks in the lower half of his leg. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital where he received surgery the following day.

I am pleased to report the surgery was successful and he is expected to make a full recovery. However, the pain has yet to stabilize and a difficult journey lies ahead. Please take solace in the fact that his family, friends, and teammates are with him now and will be with him the whole way through.

Mothra would like to thank everyone who has sent their well-wishes to date. He is in deep appreciation of this outpouring of sympathy. All of this caring will ease the time spent before skates come back on his feet and he returns to his rightful place on the track.

Block Low, Skate Hard, and Make an “M” for Mothra

Jonathan R
New York Shock Exchange

NY Shock Exchange 6.29.08

Above, NY Shock Exchange team photograph after 147-49 victory over the Harm City Homicide to retain the Athletic Cup Championship Trophy (in center wearing helmet) in the first 60 minute men's roller derby bout in modern history. (Photo by Donna Party)

Back Row (Left to Right): Angelo Death, T-Stop Tornado, MotorPsycho, Maulin' Brando, Wolfgang Von Stomp, Patrick Bateman

Second Row (Left to Right): Rinkworm, Filthy McNasty, PsychoBilly, Flames Cagney, Abe Drinkin' making an "M" for Mothra

Front Row (Left to Right): Darth Invader, Jonathan R

More photographs here: