1.10.09 Suburbia Scrimmage Rosters

1.10.09 Suburbia Scrimmage Rosters


The Saw Mill Blade Runners
MotorPsycho (Captain)
Teenwolf (Co-Captain)
Darth Invader
Maulin' Brando
Hank the Tank (Connecticut Death Quads)
Cirkle Jerk (Connecticut Death Quads)
Psycho Billy
Red Five*
Wolfgang Von Stomp
Dainty Inferno (Manager)

The Tuckahoe Road Warriors
Skatebreed (Captain) (Connecticut Death Quads)
Abe Drinkin'
Angelo Death
Filthy McNasty
Pastor of Muppets (Connecticut Death Quads)
Jonathan R
Patrick Bateman
Sergeant Major (Connecticut Death Quads)*
Johnny Holeshot (Connecticut Death Quads)
Girl Fawkes (Manager)

*Making their debut!

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