Tickets Now Available for New York City Derby Shuttle!

Tickets for the roundtrip shuttle bus from New York City to our debut bout (Sunday, Apr. 29th) are now available here:

Reservations for the limited seats on the shuttle bus must be made in advance so buy now!

The timetable of NY Derby Shuttle:
5:00 pm - depart NYC @ 7th Av & 32nd St/Penn Station
6:30 pm - arrive Kendall Park Skating Rink

10:15p - depart Kendall Park Skating Rink
10:45 pm - arrive Court Tavern New Brunswick (After Party!)
12:00 am - depart New Brunswick
1:00 am - arrive in New York @ 7th Av & 32nd St/Penn Station

Sorry, no alcohol or food allowed on the shuttle!


By~Tor: King of the Ice and Snow said...

So, I see I'm leaving the very FIRST comment, huh?--WOW!---maybe my friends were right, when they said I was probably the ONLY guy who still got into roller derby anymore....but ya' know what?---I say "fudge 'em"!!!

April 30th is my 40th birthday, and I'd love nothing more, than to spend an evening watching people bob and weave their way through traffic, using elbows and knees as weapons!---I grew up watching the Texas T-Birds, back in the '70's, and have waited a long time for roller derby to come back!

In fact, should you ever need an extra to fill in for an injured member, I have several years' aggression built up, after a bankruptcy and three divorces..... maybe a little legalized brutality would be the ticket, eh?

Congratulations, guys, and let me know when we can expect the mayhem to roll out, in full force!!



By~Tor: King of the Ice and Snow
City Island, NY

Jonathan Rockey said...

Thank you for the encouraging words. You will find yourself among plenty more guys who get into roller derby on the 29th and can celebrate a very happy birthday at the after-party with us at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick